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WordCounter is an app for counting number of words, letters, lines, paragraphs and characters in the currently viewed file or text selection. It offers an option to calculate the total length of the text so you won’t have to do so manually. The application has a simple and intuitive GUI for selecting the text or file. You can choose a file, open a web address, view file length or calculate the total length. Additionally, you can right click on the result and copy to clipboard, switch between units, change their size and font, or download the file in text or in HTML format. Thus, WordCounter is a handy utility that will quickly help you measure text files. It has an intuitive layout that requires no prior knowledge to get the job done. WPS Office Description: WPS Office is an open source office suite for multiple platforms like Windows, macOS and Linux. It's a fully featured office suite packed with high quality applications. The best thing about it is that it comes with word processor, spreadsheet, Presentation and Drawing, which are rich in formatting capabilities. WPS Office is available to download in several editions: WPS Office Full version provides a complete range of office functions for all the functions, formatting and text editing options. Also, it has the document viewer which is a very useful function that is used to view files that can't be opened by other software. WPS Office Light version provides the functionality found in the WPS Office Full version but with a smaller size. WPS Writer is the word processor which comes with multiple options such as bold, italic and underline, aligning text, typing caps, roman and a whole lot of other options to maintain consistency in the appearance of text. It also has the option to insert borders, create a Table of Contents, insert text in different languages, and it allows the user to set different levels of display for images and their captions. The application has an intuitive GUI enabling you to easily perform numerous actions. Most of the functions in WPS Office can be accessed from a right-click menu. Additionally, through a context menu you can set properties, import and export formats, insert a table of contents, format the text, set margins and indentations, change file encoding, and access the standard document properties. Likewise, WPS Spreadsheet allows you to set the number of columns and rows and change them later on. You can also calculate the column width and row height as well a5204a7ec7

Word Counter is a word count utility for Windows. After registering the software, you can count the words in your favorite MS Word document and also export them into the readable ASCII text format. After creating the text file, you can copy this ASCII text file to some online data storage like Google Drive, Box or others. You can also count the words in an e-mail. Note: Word Counter may not count the keywords and first words in word files. Word Counter also has some advanced features like: ■ Count words in the Excel files ■ Count the words in the RTF file or WordML file ■ Export the words in the original MS Word file to the ASCII text format ■ Count words in the.TXT and.HTML files ■ Count the words in the.JPG,.JPEG,.GIF and.PNG images ■ Count words in the.BMP file ■ Count the words in the.XLS,.XLSX,.DOCX,.PDF,.PPT and.PPTX files ■ Count the words in the MS Word document with the option of counting keywords, first words and last words Requirements: ■ Internet connection Requirements: ■ Microsoft Windows 10 or later This is a light version of a full screen program. You can use it to make a game or a background screen more shine. This screensaver provides a colorful adventure for your eye. Unlike the other full screen screensavers, which do not provide special effects, but background color, this screensaver really shines with its special effects and is like a visual treat. The item Cute Martian Lady is an e-book, which is intended to provide new animations and instructions about how to use the application. This e-book includes complete information about the developer, program users, technology and creation of the program. The instructions in this e-book are designed for the novice users, since they are simple and easy to understand. Creating a Coaster’s Game is a lightweight slide show that you can use to make a theme of your presentation slide. This screensaver can be inserted into your presentation by using a standard Windows media player, or you can cut it as a single file to insert into any presentation. After inserting the screensaver, you need to create a theme of your presentation slide in the Co